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ForeverGreen SolarStrips

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Packaging may vary
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Forevergreen has a new and exciting technology that delivers Beauty Results to your Face -BeautyStrips!

Some of the amazing ingredients in BeautyStrips Serum: 

• Organic Herbs to calm the skin.

• The smart technology of Peptides (amino acids that are signals for your skin)

• Hyaluronic acid

• Vitamin C

The powerful effects behind the BeautyStrips serum is the patent-pending ingredient known as Telagenex-5 (a form of cycloastrogenol). Developed using latest in peptide science, Telagenex-5 allows the cells to thrive as nature intended to achieve the dramatic results you’ve been seeking.   
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Packaging may vary
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If you currently suffer from any skin condition, consult with your dermatologist or licensed healthcare professional before use of the mask and serum. Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of small children. Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

beautystrips holder